My new Viking Leather Jacket.

A review of his new leather jacket by David Reeves.

When you are taking up motorcycling, what do you choose first?

Motorcycle or apparel?

Why do you choose what you choose? Normally because you have friends who ride or want to be part of a group.

Let’s say you started with the motorcycle similar to that which your friends ride, normally the apparel will follow the same style. We all say we want to be individual but it seems we start to align with our companions the more we travel with them.

Having a few motorcycles, ‘A bike for all reasons’, impacts on my apparel choice but after many years of not have one, I finally decided to get a ‘Brando style’ leather jacket. They used to be worn by Greasers in the USA and Rockers in the UK. In Australia we just rode and wore leather jackets for protection.

Having been pleased with the tail bag from Viking Cycle and Motorcycle House as I had seen jackets on their site

I have to admit, when the first one to arrived it was too small around my middle as I had not read the sizing chart properly, so I contacted Pamela Smith who had assisted with the tailbag.

No problem, Pamela arranged a replacement the old for a new 3XL and the cost was only the shipping back to Motorcycle House in Sydney. The address for which Pamela had sent me.

So what is the Jacket like?

I wanted simple, no hidden pockets where I could lose things, a liner which stayed in as somewhere in my garage is one of my textile jacket’s liners which one day will make a reappearance.

It’s black, it smells like leather, it feels like leather and the card which came with the jacket says it’s leather.

The view inside.

There are six pockets, two inside both of which are large enough to hold my cased Samsung Galaxy S7. As they are internal, I can connect my earbuds to the phone and listen to the music as I ride. There are three zippered pockets on the jacket’s front all with YKK zippers. The sixth pocket is for loose change or keys both of which I have spent time looking for in other jackets in the past.

The zipper glided easily over the now hidden belly.

All the YK zips work smoothly, even the one across the front of the jacket as it transverses my belly whilst I do it up.

Zippered cuffs are very convenient.

The cuffs are also zippered with YKK zippers and can be left open to allow a greater airflow up the sleeves or closed to keep the wind out.

I have already had comments from my friends when I have worn it on the Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe and when I wore it when I rode a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. It’s the classic look for these motorcycles.

Aboard the Royal Enfield Continental GT and ready to ride or will I take the Harley?

Why not have a look for yourself to see what Viking Cycle and Motorcycle House has in stock and another good point they are in the USA and Australia so delivery is quite quick.